Things To Know Before Your Arrival

Q. Can I bring my pet?
A. We request that pets remain at home for their safety and comfort, as well as for that of the area wildlife.

Smoke Free:
Q. Are the cabins smoke free?
A. Yes, ALL the cabins are smoke free.

Security Deposit:
Q. Do you require a security deposit?
A. A $125.00 security deposit required at time of reservation confirmation.

Guest Policy:
Q. Are guests allowed?
A. Only registered guests are permitted on property.

Tales from Pecos River Cabins Bees May 2020

Bee Keeper Spring 2020They say the pedigree of honey does not concern the bee, for any clover to him is aristocracy.

New Bees are in the house! Well, actually, in their hive.  Sweet tempered, Italian honey bees transported from Texas.  After 2 days on the road, they didn’t skip a “bee”t when introduced to their new hive.

Their shipping container has a circular silver lid in the top middle.  This is the top to a can of syrup, which provided food during their journey to Pecos River Cabins.

Queen Bee Shipping ContainerThe Queen is shipped inside the shipping container in a smaller screened container.  Placed inside the new hive overnight, the next day a small marshmallow is used to replace the wooden stopper on the Queen’s container.  The bees eat through the marshmallow to allow the Queen to enter the hive. By the time this happens, the Queen has been in the hive long enough for her pheromones to have permeated the colony’s new home.

Bees are amazing in their work ethic and navigational skills.  Last summer, one worker bee delighted in hitching a ride on my shoulder when I mowed the lawn.  Never threatening, I concluded that this behavior allowed for scouting the property and a cataloging of the flowering plants. And the main expenditure of energy was mine!

Bee shipping containerPlum, apple, currant, pear, cherry and dandelions all in blossom. As spring blooms burst with color and aroma, our new bees haven’t skipped a day of work.  Their admirable industry has spurred me to create new flower beds, adding flower varieties to their dining options. I am looking forward to a bumper crop of fruits and veggies come summer and fall. And, of course, honey!

Thanks to Charles, our Bee Keeper, for patiently answering all my questions as I continue to learn about these fascinating insects. 

We request guests view the hives from a distance.  Our hives are enclosed by a live electric fence.  This discourages forest creatures from sampling the honey and disturbing the hives.

And guests who visit in the Autumn, ask about our honey harvest. 

Thanks for checking in!

From the east bank of the Upper Pecos,