Things To Know Before Your Arrival

Q. Can I bring my pet?
A. We request that pets remain at home for their safety and comfort, as well as for that of the area wildlife.

Smoke Free:
Q. Are the cabins smoke free?
A. Yes, ALL the cabins are smoke free.

Security Deposit:
Q. Do you require a security deposit?
A. A $125.00 security deposit required at time of reservation confirmation.

Guest Policy:
Q. Are guests allowed?
A. Only registered guests are permitted on property.

Tales from Pecos River Cabins Nudge Summer 2020

Aspen doorway resizeWe all need a nudge now and again that reminds us to step back, take a breath, and appreciate the moment.  To place a temporary stop on our daily activities and really look around.

Recent Guests provided that nudge for me today.

In my final walk through Aspen, ensuring all was in order for this afternoon’s check in, I spotted the guest book sitting on the counter.  Yes, old school. Many guests like to write a little note about their stay, their explorations in the area, the fishing report. 

The sound of the river, bird song, smell of the leaves….all a delight for the senses--J

Beautiful cabin and grounds.  We came to fish, but didn’t catch anything.  Still couldn’t have had a more enjoyable time! M and AJ

Aspen, even better than the photos.  Admired the construction of the beamed ceiling.  W and B

Journal resizeGreat place to relax and unwind in a beautiful cozy, cabin.  A and D,

I am extending a heartfelt thanks to these guests for reminding me to stop and smell the roses.  Or rather the pine resin on a hot summer day.  The wildflower meadow as the dew dries on the grass.  And that particular summer river aroma: a combination of vegetation, wet river sand, sun-warmed rocks, all tinged with a slight overlay of wildness.

Too readily caught up in the endless To Do list, I am setting it aside, for awhile at least, and am taking an impromptu picnic lunch to the river.

So here is a nudge.  Make and take some time for you.  Those dust bunnies aren’t going anywhere. 

Thanks for stopping by!

From the east bank of the Upper Pecos,